7. Workshops Session Digital Strategy Marketing Markets

China: How to market to the right Chinese consumers in the right way?

The Breeze February 24, 2016 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Jens Thraenhart
Karen Tam
Jason Lu

As the second largest economy in the world, Chinese netizens intend to travel in 2015 and beyond, with 51 percent planning to take three trips or more this year, according to an online survey by Ctrip.com, the leading Chinese online travel agency (OTA). Therefore, it is of absolute importance that travel and tourism brands entering the Chinese market take the time to learn how to successfully connect with Chinese consumers through social media, as more than 80% of Chinese travellers research and educate themselves about destinations and brands online..  Although many social media strategies work across global markets, China deserves a targeted approach because of its unique social media landscape. How can you develop a relevant online presence in China from website to social media, what role do platforms like Weibo and Weixin play, and how to engage with KOLs (key opinion leaders, or Chinese influential bloggers)?

The China Social Media Session, organized by Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) will help companies understand how to reach and connect with “the new Chinese tourist” and affluent consumers, by leveraging the complex social media landscape in China.  Delegates will be able to hear about the latest trends in marketing to Chinese consumers, and learn about the rapidly changing and evolving Digital and Social Media Landscape in China.