7. Workshops Session

Travel Startup Pitching Competition – How Startups Build the Future of the Travel Industry

The Breeze February 24, 2016 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Theodore Koumelis
Siripakorn Cheawsamoot
Nino Ekasith Jotikasthira
Patai Padungtin
Bart Bellers
Thanachat Tangsriwong
Asia One Click

This session showcase how technology startups can build the future of the travel industry. It will bring together the promising Thai Travel Tech Startup scene for a live on-stage battle powered by Thailand Tech Startup Association (Startup Thailand), Amadeus and TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific.

The winner of this year’s pitching competition will receive guaranteed access to Amadeus Next, offering the startup access to technology, expertise, reach and funding.

Amadeus is the global leader in travel technology and Amadeus Next mentors, nurtures and partners with travel startups in Asia Pacific on their journey to scale into awesome companies!

The Thailand Tech Startup Association, non profit organization, has made its official debut in order to build a strong community of tech entrepreneurs in Thailand. Under three mission:

UNITE: the tech startups in Thailand with a strong community.

DRIVE: the improvement of the quality in the startup community to link and coordinate with all groups of entrepreneurs, media, investors, and government.

ACCELERATE: Help the development of new entrepreneurs in the tech sector build growth up to a universal standard.

The association is the platform to enhance the Thai tech startup ecosystem and empower the entrepreneurship to sustainable growth.