The Conference Conference & Expo follows closely the transformation of the contemporary traveller’s needs and demands as well as the trends in digital technology that affect future changes in the marketing and the distribution of the travel products, so that executives from the travel and hospitality sector have the necessary insights to adapt. The conference is devoted to: Digital Marketing & Distribution as well as Mobile Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing

The travel consumer is evolving. Digital technology provides new tools and opportunities to learn, understand and search for a lifetime experience to the dream travel destination. Passionate travellers with inspirational writing share their experiences with thousands of followers who share the same travelling habits, needs, dreams. Their honest and unbiased pen influence the travelling decision of contemporary travellers. Tourism Authorities and Travel Companies need to come closer and understand the mentality and characteristics of the travel bloggers and learn how to better work with them.

Why Digital Distribution

The traditional value chain of tourism has changed due to the new distribution channels the digital technology created. The decision procedure of the traveller has changed as well and the way to the final travel product is more complicated than ever. Travel suppliers has to be everywhere to ensure that they will reach the new breed of tech savvy travellers. Managing the numerous distribution channels while on the same time retain the control of the revenue is a puzzle that can only be solved with the contemporary digital solutions.

Why Mobile

On the other hand, the mobility of the internet technology through mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices turn the travel consumer into the traveller of “now”. On-site bookings, real time social media sharing, on-the-spot reviews, augmented reality travel info, are the new tools in the hands of the travellers and a big challenge for the tourism marketers. Marketing & Sales Managers of today have to restructure their strategies and techniques, learn how to use the new tools, understand how and why their customers change in order to offer them what they need the moment they need it through the channels they use.

Why in Bangkok World Events is organized for three years for the region of Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA). The following events have already been scheduled: EMEA Conference & Expo, 17-18 November 2015, Athens, Greece Poland Market Focus, 11 December 2015, Warsaw, Poland Sweden Market Focus, 12 February 2016, Stockholm, Sweden Thailand International Conference & Expo, 24 February 2016, Bangkok, Thailand